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In memory of cherished loved ones who have left this earthly realm, but continue their legacy through support of Operation Liberation.


In loving memory of Frances "Fran" Davila.
Fran was a huge animal lover. She had five dogs and cared for many cats. She was regularly visited by a friendly neighborhood squirrel, a gaze of charismatic raccoons, and a blue jay who found refuge in the comfort of Fran's loving home. Fran is deeply missed by all who knew and loved her, human and non human alike. She will be fondly remembered for her generosity towards animal focused causes and her devotion to assisting local shelter animals.

Rebecca Melton.PNG

In loving memory of Rebecca Melton.
Rebecca's heart overflowed with compassion for animals. She was a dedicated caretaker to many throughout her life. Rebecca found joy in supporting animal-focused charities. Her legacy of generosity and kindness will forever be remembered and cherished.

Aunt Ginny.jpg

In loving memory of Aunt Ginny. 

Tammy photo_edited.jpg

In loving memory of Tammy M. Von Langen.
Known for her profound love for animals, Tammy’s home was a sanctuary for every furry or feathery friend needing a home. She provided a safe place, unconditional love and compassion for all who crossed her path.

Terri Lynn Buhlert Memorial Photo.jpg

In loving memory of Terri Lynn Buhlert. She loved animals, especially her dog Chewy.

To make a charitable contribution in memory of a loved one, click here.
To make a planned legacy donation, please email us at so we can help honor you or a loved one. 

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